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Carl’s Publications

1. “Quenching of N2(A) by O as a Mechanism of O(1S)”, Jeng-Hwa Yee, Carl A. Nardell, Vince Abreu, Ed 

Hume. IUGG Conference Proceedings, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 1991. 

2. “The O2(1.) and O2(1.) Dayglow Emissions Measured by the Michigan Airglow Payload (MAP) Rocket 

Experiments”, B. DeMajistre, J. H. Yee, C. Nardell, W. Sharp, E. J. Llewellyn. AGU Conference Proceedings, 

San Francisco, CA., Dec. 1994. 

3. “Analysis and Design of Attitude Control Systems for Tethered Spacecraft (AIRSATT)”, Carl A. Nardell, 

Brian Gilchrist, Penny Niles. 34th AIAA Conference and Exhibit, Reno, NV, Jan. 1996. 

4. “Simulation and Neuro-Fuzzy control of Air-to-Air Missiles Launched at High Angles of Attack”, Carl A. 

Nardell, Rees Fullmer, Glenn Gebert, 34th AIAA Conference and Exhibit, Reno, NV, Jan 1996. 

5. “A Laser Gauging Technique for the Measurement of Fastener Threads at High Speed and High-Accuracy”, 

Carl A. Nardell, George Nygaard. IFE Conference Proceedings, Chicago, IL, June, 1997. 

6. “GroundWinds: A Direct Detection Doppler LIDAR Technology Demonstration”, Invited Paper, Carl A. 

Nardell, Paul B. Hays, SPIE 2nd Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Conference, Sendai, Japan, October 2000. 

7. “The GroundWinds Direct Detection LIDAR system, and Results from the LIDAR-Fest 2000 

Intercomparison”, Carl A. Nardell, Paul B. Hays, OSA Optical Remote Sensing Conference, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 

February 7, 2001. 

8. “Molecular Optical Air Data System”, P. Tchoryk, C. Watkins, S. Lindemann, P. B. Hays, C. A. Nardell, 

Proceedings of SPIE – Vol. 4377, April 2001. 

9. “Intercomparison of Heterodyne and Direct Detection Doppler Lidars during the 2000 Bartlett, N.H., 

Measurement Campaign”, R. Michael Hardesty, W. Alan Brewer, Carl A. Nardell, Bruce M. Gentry, and James 

G. Yoe, Proceedings of the 11th Coherent Laser Radar Conference, Malvern, UK, June 28-30, 2001 

10. “The GroundWinds New Hampshire Instrument”, C. Nardell, P. Hays, J. Pavlich, Proceedings of the 11th 

Coherent Laser Radar Conference, Malvern, UK, June 28 – 30, 2001. 

11. “GroundWinds New Hampshire and the Lidarfest 2000 Campaign”, Carl Nardell, P.B. Hays, J. Pavlich, M. 

Dehring, G. Sypitkowski, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Optical Science and Technology,Vol. 

4484, pp 36-50, San Diego, CA, July 30-31, 2001. 

12. “Autonomous Satellite Docking System”, Peter Tchoryk, Anthony Hays, Jane Pavlich, Greg Ritter, Carl 

Nardell, AIAA Space 2001 Conference and Exposition, Albuquerque, NM, August 2001. 

13. “The GroundWinds Hawaii Instrument and the Road to a Space-Based LIDAR Wind Measurement 

System”, Invited Paper, Paul B. Hays, Carl A. Nardell, SPIE Remote Sensing Conference, Toulouse, France, 

September, 2001. 

14. “Applications for Wind Profiles Derived from an Ultra-violet LIDAR in Hawaii”, Invited Paper, Steven 

Businger, Carl Nardell, Berrien Moore, Paul Hays, SPIE Remote Sensing Conference, Toulouse, France, 

September, 2001. 

15. “GroundWinds Hawaii: Applications for wind profiles derived from an ultraviolet lidar in Hawaii”, Steven 

Businger, Berrien Moore III, Carl A. Nardell, and Paul B. Hays, Proc. SPIE 4546, 127 (2002). 

16. “Supporting the missions of the Mauna Kea Observatories with GroundWinds incoherent UV lidar 

measurements”, Steven Businger, Tiziana Cherubini, I. Dors, J. McHugh, Robert A. McLaren, J. B. Moore, 

James M. Ryan, and Carl A. Nardell Proc. SPIE 4839, 858 (2003). 

17. “Direct detection Doppler wind lidar: ground-based operation to space”, Jinxue Wang, Michael Dehring, 

Carl A. Nardell, Deidra A. Dykeman, and Berrien Moore III. Proc. SPIE 5154, 93 (2003). 

18. “Performance and comparison of 532-nm and 355-nm groundwinds lidars”, Michael T. Dehring, Carl A. 

Nardell, Jane C. Pavlich, Paul B. Hays, and Ivan Dors, Proc. SPIE 4893, 337 (2003). 

19. “Space lidar simulations derived from the GroundWinds New Hampshire and Hawaii instruments”, Michael 

T. Dehring, Carl A. Nardell, and Paul B. Hays, Proc. SPIE 5154, 84 (2003). 

20. “GroundWinds 2000 field campaign: demonstration of new Doppler lidar technology and wind lidar data 

intercomparison”, James G. Yoe, M. K. Rama Varma Raja, R. Michael Hardesty, W. Alan Brewer, Berrien 

Moore III, James M. Ryan, Paul B. Hays, Carl A. Nardell, Bruce M. Gentry, Michelle Day, and Kenneth 

Rancourt . Proc. SPIE 4893, 327 (2003). 

21. “Molecular optical air data system (MOADS) flight experiment “, Christopher B. Watkins, Charles J. 

Richey, Peter Tchoryk, Jr., Greg A. Ritter, Paul B. Hays, Carl A. Nardell, Theodore C. Willis, and Russell Urzi, 

Proc. SPIE 5086, 236 (2003). 

22. “Intercomparison of Doppler Wind Lidar Velocity Measurements,” M. K. R. V. Raja, J. G. Yoe, R. M. 

Hardesty, W. A. Brewer, B. Moore, J. Ryan, P. Hays, C. Nardell, B. Gentry, M. Day and K. Rancourt, Optical 

Remote Sensing, PD1 (2003). 

23. “Molecular optical air data system (MOADS) prototype II”, Christopher B. Watkins, Charles J. Richey, 

Pete Tchoryk, Jr., Greg A. Ritter, Michael T. Dehring, Paul B. Hays, Carl A. Nardell, and Russell Urzi, Proc. 

SPIE 5412, 10 (2004). 

24. “Instrument specifications and performance prediction for 2005 high altitude (30 km) balloon demonstration 

of GroundWinds fringe imaging Doppler lidar”, Michael Dehring, Carl Nardell, Paul Hays, Jane Pavlich, 

Berrien Moore III, and Jinxue Wang, Proc. SPIE 5240, 165 (2004). 

25. “Spaceflight-qualified tunable cryogenic infrared Fabry-Perot etalon”, Michael T. Dehring, Scott 

Lindemann, Carl A. Nardell, Paul B. Hays, Jinxue Wang, and William Cook, Proc. SPIE 5543, 112 (2004). 

26. “Low-cost mission architecture for global tropospheric wind measurements”, Carl A. Nardell, James R. 

Wertz, Michael Dehring, and Peter Tchoryk, Jr. Proc. SPIE 5419, 47 (2004). 

27. “Instruments, Science, and Methods for Geospace and Planetary Remote Sensing”, Carl A. Nardell, Paul G. 

Lucey, Jeng-Hwa Yee, James B. Garvin, ISBN: 0-8194-5621-7, 2004. 

28. “GroundWinds Balloon Fringe Imaging Doppler LIDAR Mission Concept and Instrument Performance”, 

Michael T. Dehring, Carl A. Nardell, Paul B. Hays, Jane C. Pavlich, Berrien Moore, and Jinxue Wang, Proc. 

SPIE 5653, 210 (2004). 

29. “Image processing, simulation and performance predictions for the MicroMak star tracker”, Carl A. Nardell, 

James Wertz, and Paul B. Hays, Proc. SPIE 5916, 59160U (2005). 

30. “Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor for the NASA Glory Mission”, Carl A. Nardell, Richard J. Peralta, Brian 

Cairns, Edgar Russel, Larry Travis, Michael Mishchenko, Bryan Fafaul, and Ronald Hooker, SPIE GDIS 

Conference, Wuhan, China, Nov. 2007. 

31. “Automatic Target Recognition, Image Analysis and Multispectral Image Acquisition”, Tianxu Zhang, Carl 

A. Nardell, Duane Smith, Hangqing Lu, Proc. SPIE 6786, (2007). 

32. “Spherical Mirror Mount”, Carl Nardell, U.S. Patent #8,016,438, (2011). 

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